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Vault Warden

Keep your passwords safe!
We offer you a reliable password manager for all platforms


Corporate password manager

The main reason for hacking is simple passwords, phishing, passwords on slips of paper or saved in the browser.
Verified: it takes less than 2 minutes to grab all your passwords from a browser. From a notebook less than 5. Passwords will not be stolen with Vault Warden.

Powerful protection in minutes

For those who want to do more, secure more and collaborate more, Bitwarden is quick and easy to set up for both individuals and businesses.

Convenient and fast

Cross-platform access for mobile, browser and desktop applications. Supported in more than 40 languages.


Protect what's important to you.Zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption drives Bitwarden's open source approach to trust, accountability and security.

Another list of benefits to the Passwords Manager:
1. Data protection: Passwords managers provide safe storage of your passwords and access them with a single password.
2. Convenience: You can track all your passwords in one place, not memorize them for each website.
3. Passwords generation: Passwords can generate safe passwords that you need to connect to sites.
4. Reduction of data theft: Data theft is a very wide problem, but with passwords you can reduce the risk of data loss.

Create, combine, and autofill strong and secure passwords for all your accounts

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In the Clapkey.cloud

● Safe cloud;● No need to administer;● Support;● Unlimited users

On premise

● Your data on your servers;
● Needs to be administered
● Support for functionality only
● Unlimited users
● Unlimited organizations


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