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IT outsourcing. We understand you like no one else.

Business support in all aspects

Our team works 24/7.
We comprehensively approach the audit of business processes, IT infrastructure and cyber security of the company


About the company.

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most demanding requirements.


Our team consists of trained professionals who know how to solve any problem you may face. This creates the basis for long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust and mutual understanding.

We strive to create unique and innovative solutions together with high-quality support services.

    CRM and ERP systems
    Cyber security
    Audit, construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure
    Own hosting for the security of your data

Our clients

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Our team

Meet the team behind our company's success.



Founder & Leader of Cyber Security Team

Serhiy is our ideological leader.
During his work experience, he built more than 30 corporate networks of various sizes and security levels. The last one was at the level of paranoia ;)



CSO & CRM and ERP Team Leader

Andriy oversees our sales and marketing.
In addition, he builds sales departments and business processes of clients.
"The first rule: build your processes and choose tools. Does it work? Only now can you advise something to clients.



Account manager & Лідер команди BA 

Olena is so clear in her work that she monitors not only client payments, but also the quality of our services. She will solve all your questions.
In addition, Olena is an excellent business analyst. TK after her hands become better

Our latest news.

Follow the latest industry news for beginners and professionals.


Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the Russian invasion



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